Take a closer look at my latest book – You’re A What?!

You're a What - Cover

       Today, I want to feature my most recent book titled, You’re A What?!   By now, I’m sure many of you are thinking about and even already gathering goodies for upcoming Easter baskets & gifts.  Well, I do not yet have a book about Easter, but if you would like to get a cute book for someone’s gift or basket, I would like to recommend a copy of You’re A What?! .

I will let this mom speak for the book—    Andi wrote this comment on my Connie Wohlford, Author Facebook Page:  “I have lost count of how many times I have read “You’re a What!” in the last week! Remi loves it – such a cute story! (“Joy Comes to Bethlehem” is still MY fave!) Keep up the awesome work!”    Thanks so much Andi, for that nice comment

      AND Here is the book description:  Every once in a while, a story and/or character comes along that is different—- really different from anything else you will find on the shelf of children’s books.  Gerald, the star character in You’re A What?! is just that—- really different.  He is a captivating creature who has been dealt a ruthless blow.  He has experienced a collision with life that changes everything. He suddenly finds that he has become a “rhinokaroarus” (pronounced “ry-‘nock-a-roar-us”.  “A What?!@#?!”, you might ask.  Well, that’s a new word we can all add to our vocabularies—- kinda like we did with supercalafragalisticxpealadochus.  [Is that spelled right?]   The author, herself, did not invent the word, “rhinokaroarus”.  It was made up by her father, who would use that exact word to name any animal or bird when he could not immediately recall its title or he would use it just for fun.  The 3 Edwards children heard it on a regular basis.  See more about this in the author bio and dedication.”

     “Thankfully our dear Gerald does not have to face his dilemma alone.  He is befriended by a funny badger named, Banjo, who every reader or listener will come to adore.  So come along with these unique characters and experience this most unusual adventure.”

       “If you or someone you know, young or grown-up, has ever experienced a collision with life that has “changed everything” in a negative way, this little book might even be good for them— “therapeutic”, one might say.  No matter the reason you read You’re A What?!, enjoy the story, the characters and the delightful art that helps to carry it along.”

Delightful full color illustrations by Virginia Artist, Ken Henderson— here are a couple examples:

Page 80001  Page 90001

If all goes according to plan, there will be more books about Gerald, the rhinokaroarus, and his sidekick, Banjo, coming in the future.  

If you know me very well, then you probably knew my father, Rudy Edwards, and will have a special appreciation for this book’s dedication:

“I am so excited to dedicate You’re A What?!  to my dear father, Rudolph Kenneth (Rudy) Edwards, who went to his Heavenly Reward just over a year ago.   Oh my, how pleased he would be to see this story in print— his own created animal word, “rhinokaroarus”, used in an actual story book!  As a child, I remember, so well, Daddy calling a critter of some kind— any kind will do— a “rhinokaroarus”.  How, when and why he came up with the word, I have no idea.  Seems that it was just one of those off the top of your head things that stuck.  And once the word first rolled from between his lips, it became an important part of his own vocabulary, used especially when children were around.”

“Besides my Daddy, I must dedicate this book to my precious grandchildren, who have loved to listen to, add to, and help create more and more adventures of Gerald, the Rhinokaroarus.  I must say they are so very pleased that the first story about their beloved Gerald and his sidekick, Banjo, is finally coming onto the printed page— and with exciting illustrations to boot.”

“It is my great desire that many people enjoy the tales of the rhinokaroarus, Gerald.  And I believe that many people, young and old, who have had a life changing crash along their own path, will even identify with many of Gerald’s dilemmas and feelings.”

So perhaps I have convinced you to get one or more copies of  You’re A What?!  If so, that’s terrific!  Below is ordering information.  I would like to ask that if you order books, please do so directly from me via phone, Facebook message or e-mail and not through my web site as I am having some problems with that situation.

And certainly, copies of my other books Joy Comes to Bethlehem and His Name is Jesus are available as well.  Here are the book  prices:                                                                                                                                                  You’re A What?!  > $10.50   Joy Comes to Bethlehem > $14.50   His Name is Jesus  > $10.50

Did you know that His Name is Jesus is the sequel to Joy Comes to Bethlehem ?

For more information & to purchase books:

E-mail Connie >  author@conniewohlford.com

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Or you may call Connie ~ See phone number upper left on this web home page.

5.3% Sales tax added for Virginia residents.  $3.00 for shipping 1 – 4 books.  For shipping more than 4 books, add .50 more per book.

I need to tell you that I will be unavailable April 4 – 13, so if you want your books before then, please let me know in advance of April 3rd.

Thanks you for your interest in my books, for taking the time to read this. Also thanks for all the encouragement and support I receive form children, parents, grandparents, etc. etc.

May God richly bless you all abundantly.  AND HEY, it’s finally spring and   Most of all, REJOICE with me— For He Is Risen!!   Have a glorious Easter Season!

I just have to add this photo of a some of my grands when they first received their copies of You’re A What?! and we all took turns reading.

Rae  Ben  Nate  Reading