About Me

      As a follower of Jesus Christ and one who is deeply in love with the Word of God, Connie has been a Bible teacher and ministry leader in her church for many years.
She especially enjoys studying the Bible, sharing Its Truths with others.
She recognizes the value of, and power of, books and other media in developing the
minds and spirits of people, young and old. Connie has enjoyed storytelling and reading books with her two sons and now with her eight grandchildren. It is of upmost importance to her that her children and grandchildren are followers of Christ and she tries to encourage and guide them in that direction whenever possible.  As she often says, “Eternity is a long, long time.” Joy Comes to Bethlehem and His Name is Jesus were actually written for her grandchildren to accompany the little olive wood donkeys that she had gotten for each of them while in Bethlehem, Israel the previous spring.
Connie and her husband, Guy, make their home in the New River Valley which is flanked by the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

My Beginnings….             Posted on by

It was November 2011 when I decided I wanted to write a story about the birth of Christ for my grandchildren. It needed to be something interesting— you know a different angle.  We know that Jesus’ birth is certainly exciting but I wanted to capture their attention and add a couple craft ideas as well, to go along with the narrative— some creative hands on stuff.  [I will include those ideas in future posts.]  You probably have some great ideas of your own.  At the onset of this venture, I had no plan to publish.  But God had other ideas.

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